Completed Research


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Book Chapters or Cases

Sims, J., Cunliff, E., Sims, A., Robertson, K. (in press). Probing leadership from racio-ethnic perspectives in higher education: An emergent model of accelerating leader identity. In Jean Lau Chin, Joseph E. Trimble, and Joseph E. Garcia (Eds.), Global and culturally diverse leaders and leadership.   [Chapter].


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Refereed Journal Articles

Anderson, P., Sims, J., Shuff, J., Neese, S., & Sims, A. (2015). A price-based approach to the dialectics in African American female entrepreneur experiences. Journal of Business Diversity, 15(2), 46-59.


Sims, J., Neese, S., Sims, A., Anderson, P. (2015). Notions in their heads: Exploring the discrepant selves of African-American female entrepreneurs. Florida Communication Journal, 43(1), 41-55.

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Sims, J., Le, J., Emery, B., Smith, J. (2012). Beyond the quantitative headcount: Considering the un-captured qualitative impact of engaging undergraduate students in research. Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly, 32(3), 23-27.

Conference Proceedings

Diverse Student Scholars research also appears often in conference proceedings of the Marketing Management Association, North American Management Society, and other scholarly organizations. These appear as abstracts, position papers, or full papers with many eventually published in peer reviewed journals following conference feedback.


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