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An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Becoming a Diverse Student Scholar has given me the opportunity to travel to different states to present at business and marketing conferences. In those travels I get to meet new people and revisit with those that have returned for another year.

My first conference took me to Santa Fe New Mexico. It was also my first conference presentation. I may have been noticeably nervous (public speaking has never been my strong suit), especially in front of a group of people I am encountering for the first time. But the encouragement I received from my mentor and some of the other professors there, eased that nervousness just a bit. They let me know that it was a safe zone. I was there to learn and experience the moment.

I made it through my presentation that day. It was nowhere near as bad as I imagined it would be and I know that each time I will only get better and feel more comfortable. After presentations were over we were able to go shopping and sightseeing. I was able to experience the natives selling their handmade jewelry, hidden courtyards and shops, and the food and culture of Santa Fe. We even stayed in a beautiful historic hotel.

Diverse Student Scholars is research, but it is also a wonderful adventure. An adventure that will take you to places you never would have thought of going and introduce you to a world of camaraderie.

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