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All My Research Firsts

Before joining Diverse Student Scholars, I never had experience in extensive research, been on a plane, or traveled to other states. I’ve gained so many opportunities to present at conferences and have been able to travel to different cities like Pittsburgh and Chicago. The experience allowed me to develop my communication skills as well as improved my confidence.

My first time on the plane was to a Marketing Management Association conference in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. There, I presented my first formal research presentation. A memorable moment I had during that time was when a fellow presenter had mistaken me as a graduate student. I was a freshman at the time, and I felt honored that I was recognized as an upper level student despite my novice skills.

It was my first time in a big city without my family in a hotel room to myself. Traveling is a large plus when it came to my undergraduate research. Immersing myself in a city’s bustling life and culture expanded my experience.

Undergraduate research is more than the words and data, it’s the gained experience and knowledge that grows one's cultural competency and skills from traveling, presenting, and working with others. It’s an opportunity that college students definitely don’t want to miss out on.

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