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Applying Research Experience in a College Classroom

Research is a fundamental part of my college career. Not just in my undergraduate research, but I also am able to apply my research skills in my classes as well. In a media research class that I shared with a fellow researcher, Zoie, we already had basic knowledge on how to pull articles and outline for a major group project report.

Gaining academic writing, data collecting, presenting, and other skills through undergraduate research is a great way to improve works in college courses. I was also able to learn how to time manage and organize my work through my class and research experience.

Vice versa, I had learned a better system of minimizing the stress of researching and finding relevant articles from my research class which I was able to apply it that knowledge to my undergraduate research.

It takes some adjustments and time to manage both a research job and your college courses but once you integrate it into your schedule, it’s worth the opportunity.

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