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Research Recruitment through a Sister Connection

Going into my freshman year, I knew I wanted a job. I was imagining applying at a restaurant or in retail, but my sister offered me position I didn’t think I would ever consider.

My sister graduated in Spring of 2017 and during her junior and senior year, she was a Diverse Student Scholar. I would often hear stories about her presentations and research, always felt like I would never be able to do that.

I was skeptical to say nonetheless when she asked “Do you want to do research? You’ll get paid.” I was a high school student that just graduated. Of course, I was skeptical. When I heard about what she has done as a research, I believe there was no way I was smart enough or had any experience to do all of that.

It’s been three years now and I have not regretted my decision to join Diverse Student Scholar. I have gained a lot of experience, opportunities

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